About Me

My name is Raheleh Hojati Abed. I was born in 1986. I did my high school studies in Zeinabieh high school in 2003. Having loved graphic design, photography and art for many years, I started my bachelor’s program in Graphics in Sureh University in 2006 and graduated in 2010. I did my thesis on “An Investigation of Graphic Works Related to Rehabilitation in Iran and Abroad”.
Being ambitious to develop my knowledge and practical skills in graphics, I made titanic efforts on my self-development and acquired a variety of skills, some of which are as follows:
Skill Development
Practical Experience

• Certificate in Photoshop

• Certificate in Illustrator

• Certificate in Urban Environment Graphics

• Certificate in Poster Design and Typography through Attending in the Workshop held by Mr Saed Meshki

• Poster and Banner Design

• Brochure, Catalogue, and Flyer Design

• Office Set Design (Business card, Official Paper, Envelope, Calendar, etc.)

• Billboard and Street Stands Design

• Packaging Design Acquiring practical skills on graphic photography through attending Mr. Khodadadash’s programs in: Skills in photography

• Industrial Photography

• Advertising Photography

• Conference Photography

• Concert Photography

• Domestic Products’ Documentary Photography

• Digital Album and Photobook Design

• Advertising Clips Development

• Photo Editing and Retouching Work Experience

• Project-based cooperation with Ayneh Tehran Advertising company in billboard design, photography, and official set

• Establishing Parnas photo studio

• Project-based cooperation with Bod-e-Chaharom. Karino, Pendar advertising companies, Miniature and Didgahan photo studio, and Sarzamin-e-Roya kindergarten

• Teaching illustration to children in Tavana Harkat Rehabilitation

Services I Provide
• Teaching Designing
I teach illustration and design to the students of pre-schools and primary schools
• Photography
I do photography and also semi-professional photography in a number of fields, such as industrial and advertising photography
• Graphic Design
I do illustration and graphic designs, such as poster design, logo design, official paper design, etc.